The temple of queen hatshepsut

Queen hatshepsut temple is a mortuary temple located near the valley of the kings, and it is today considered to be one of the great wonders of ancient egypt. The magnificent temple of queen hatshepsut in the evening is the temple of the commemoration of queen hatshepsut in el deir bahiri the ancient egyptians called it the bridge of amun, the holiest . The deir el-bahri temple complex (also spelled deir el-bahari) includes one of the most beautiful temples in egypt, perhaps in the world, built by the architects of the new kingdom pharaoh hatshepsut in the 15th century bc the three colonnaded terraces of this lovely structure were built within a . Temple of hatshepsut - anubis chapel at the north end of the second level of hatshepsut’s mortuary temple, is the anubis chapel anubis was the god of embalming and the cemetery. The temple of hatshepsut, located in deir el-bahri, is an architectural monument to technological skill and culture of ancient egypt the queen, whose name this greatest structure is bearing, was the key figure in the history of ancient egypt, being a woman-pharaoh, who ruled the country from 1478 to 1457 bc.

Queen hatshepsut, who ruled egypt about 3,500 years ago her buildings were considered to be much grander than those of her predecessors, and many of her successors attempted to claim them as their own hatshepsut’s greatest building accomplishment was a mortuary temple built in a complex at deir el-bahri. The granite obelisk of queen hapshetsut in the temple of karnak on the nile river in egypt was built by pharoah tuthmosis i hatshepsut raised four obelisks at . King menkaure (mycerinus) and queen temple of amun-re and the hypostyle hall, karnak mortuary temple of hatshepsut and large kneeling statue, new kingdom, egypt.

Original and beautiful, was queen hatshepsut’s temple, designed and built by her steward senenmut near the tomb of mentuhotep ii at dayr al-baḥrī three terraces lead up to the recess in the cliffs where the shrine was cut into the rock. The mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut (hat- shep - soot) is situated in the valley of the kings located in the area of thebes, present-day deir el-bahri is a natural rock amphitheater directly across from the nile river. Temple of hatshepsut the mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut of dynasty xviii was built just north of the middle kingdom temple of mentuhotep nebhepetre in the bay of cliffs known as deir el-bahri in ancient times the temple was called djeser-djeseru, meaning the ‘sacred of sacreds’. The temple of hatshepsut is not only a memorial temple that honors queen hatshepsut, it is also one of the greatest egyptian architectural achievements. Queen hatshepsut was a woman who ruled egypt, but she reigned as a man perhaps the most impressive architectural achievement of hatshepsut’s builders is the temple at deir el-bahari.

The second terrace facade of the hatshepsut temple, decorated with osirian colossi with the effigy of the queen wikimedia, cc one of the features of the mortuary temple that projects hatshepsut’s greatness is a famous colonnade known as the ‘punt colonnade’, located on the left side of the ramp to the third level. Mission: take the keystone you found to queen hatshepsut's temple and unlock the servant's quarters to search for clues the entrance to this temple is on the left side, just up the stairs put the keystone in the slot. Hatshepsut's temple was so admired by the pharaohs who came after her that they increasingly chose to be buried nearby and this necropolis came to eventually be known as the valley of the kings hatshepsut built on a grander scale than any pharaoh before her and, except for ramesses ii (1279-1213 bce) none who came after. Hatshepsut: from queen to pharaoh, an exhibition catalog from the metropolitan museum of art (fully available online as pdf), which contains material on mortuary temple of hatshepsut (see index) temple of hatshepsut free high resolution images. Beginning in 1478 bc, queen hatshepsut reigned over egypt for more than 20 years she served as queen alongside her husband, thutmose ii, but after his death, claimed the role of pharaoh while .

The temple of queen hatshepsut

A famous series of reliefs at her temple at deir el-bahari in the valley of the kings, depict hatshepsut’s divine birth and coronation in such divine birth scenes, a god—in hatshepsut’s relief it is the chief god amun—impregnates the pharaoh’s mother, thus establishing the pharaoh’s rule as a rightful and god-granted part of the . Temple of hatshepsut djeser-djeseru 257 likes 3 talking about this the mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut, the djeser-djeseru (holy of holies) . This temple honors the egyptian queen who ruled as king hatshepsut's temple is one of the world’s most striking architectural masterpieces, but perhaps even more noteworthy is the woman who .

The mortuary temple of hatshepsut is one of the most beautiful of all of the temples of ancient egypt it is located at deir el-bahri (the northern monastery), at the head of the valley beneath the peak of the mountain (and natural pyramid) dehent (now known by its arabic name, el-qurn - the . The temple of queen hatshepsut was built for the great queen hatshepsut (18th dynasty), to commemorate her achievements and to serve as a funerary temple for her, as well as a sanctuary of god amon ra. This temple was built by queen hatshepsut, stepmother of pharaoh thutmose iii, who became regent for the adolescent thutmose iii when thutmose ii, her brother died as the first known female monarch, she ruled for about two decades, thus delaying the kingship of thutmose iii.

The temple of queen hatshepsut is a unesco world heritage listed site as part of the ancient thebes with its necropolis listing all images, text and content are . Speos artemidos temple in middle egypt the mummy now identified as queen hatshepsut shows a heavy set woman of ca 50 years her body shows that she may have . At least 70 people, including 60 foreign tourists, are killed outside 3,400-year-old temple of hatshepsut in luxor, egypt, in deadliest attack by islamic militants in five-year campaign to . The temple of hatshepsut among these, the mortuary temple of queen hatshepsut (1479-1458 bce) at deir el-bahri stands out as one of the most impressive.

the temple of queen hatshepsut Temple of karnak, mortuary temple of hatshepsut,  the dilemma takes its name from confusion over the chronology of the rule of queen hatshepsut and thutmose i, . the temple of queen hatshepsut Temple of karnak, mortuary temple of hatshepsut,  the dilemma takes its name from confusion over the chronology of the rule of queen hatshepsut and thutmose i, . the temple of queen hatshepsut Temple of karnak, mortuary temple of hatshepsut,  the dilemma takes its name from confusion over the chronology of the rule of queen hatshepsut and thutmose i, .
The temple of queen hatshepsut
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